Ramée Circle Society

Bob Howe '58America’s first architecturally planned campus was designed for Union College by Joseph Jacques Ramée and, today, Ramée’s visionary plan guides the physical growth of the grounds. Similarly, thoughtful planned gifts from alumni and friends guide and enhance Union College’s financial development. These gifts enable Union College to plan with confidence for the future and ensure that the future of Union College will always be connected to its past.

Hundreds of loyal Union College alumni, parents, and friends have chosen to become members of the Ramée Circle Society and have received the satisfaction of knowing that their future gift will benefit—in perpetuity—deserving young people seeking a Union College education. Membership in the Ramée Circle Society provides an opportunity to say “thank you” to the many generous individuals who have made a commitment to Union College through a deferred-gift arrangement. The impact of their gifts is especially powerful because members of the Ramée Circle Society inspire others to consider supporting Union College in a similar manner.

So, after providing for your family and loved ones, please consider including Union College in your estate and financial plans. We would be delighted to include you along with the hundreds of other Union College alumni and friends who celebrate their support of Union College through membership in the Ramée Circle Society.

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